Happy 1. Birthday B-boys!!!

...time is running so fast...
hugs and love to all B-boys!!!
Thank you all for your friendship
and the wonderful care of the boys!


18.7.10 Show in Oberwart, A

Micky (Bud Spencer of Daliara) got exc.2 in youthclass!
Thanks to judge Mr. Dusan Paunovic
Congratulation Sigrid!
Big thanks, Franzi! for your great handling!
Micky and Livi
...after the show...time for relaxing...:-)

2 sweeties :-)

17.7.10 Livi´s 2.show

At the show in Szombathely, H,
Livi got also very promising and Best Puppy :-)
Thanks to judge Mrs. Anna Brankovic!
We had a wonderful day!


pics from Mave (Bret Maverick of Daliara)

Mave 11,5 months old

Its naptime! :-)

hahaha...Im a turtle ;-)

big smile!!!

Big thanks for the nice pics!

15.5.2010 "dog-school"

Mave (Bret Maverick) and his brother Schoko (Bob Marley)
are doing great in the "dog-school"!


Livi, 4 months old

...our sweet Livi...

...try to be a vegetarian...

...ohhh, an ant!...maybe better not to be a vegetarian?...

...and the end of the story?...she ate the ant! :-)