Christmas-wishes from Micky + Mave

Vielen Dank für die schönen Weihnachtsfotos!
Thank you so much for the great christmas-pics!
"Mave" Bret Maverick of Daliara

Steffi + "Micky" Bud Spencer of Daliara


Merry Christmas!

Wir wünschen allen
frohe Weihnachten
und ein glückliches neues Jahr 2011!
Gott beschütze euch!
We wish you all
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year 2011!
God bless you!


4.+ 5.dec 2010 Wels

It was a nice - but very cold - weekend,
didnt show a dog, because I were working for my club.
It was great to meet a lot of friends - and very pity to miss some friends.
A big thank you to Elisabeth and Remy for the wonderful pictures
"Mave" Bret Maverick of Daliara got saturday exc.2
Thanks to judge Mr. Espen Engh
...also working at sunday...

At sunday Mave got VG2,
the judge said, Mave is an excellent dog,
but both "boys" need more ringtraining ;-)

Thanks to judge Mr. Hans Van den Berg,
it was very nice to work for you!

3.12.2010 snow...snow...snow...


Happy 2.Birthday A-litter!

2 years ago... I were waiting for my first puppies...
now they are 2 years old...


2.oct.2010 Eurodog in Celje

Anne and me visited the Eurodogshow in Celje - without our dogs -
but with dear friends!
We had a lot of fun - big thanks to Anne, Luis, Tine, Jan and Susi for this wonderful weekend!


26.9.10 Bundessieger Tulln

What a great show!
it was nice to meet many friends again!

"Mave"- Bret Maverick of Daliara, at his first big show did very well!
He got Exc1, Bundesjugendsieger
and also the qualification for Crufts!
Congratulation to Christian, Petula and Vladi!

Little "Livi", 6 months old,
very well handled from Franziska,
got very promising!

Thanks to judge Skaar Tjorborn, S


8.sept 2010 we had visitors!

Petula visited us with Mave, thank you very much!

The dogs had a lot of fun...

Livi loves to play with her ball! :-)


B - litter Birthday-pics

Bud Spencer of Daliara "Micky"

Billy Elliot of Daliara "J.D."

Bret Maverick of Daliara "Mave"

Many thanks for the nice pics! :-)


Happy 1. Birthday B-boys!!!

...time is running so fast...
hugs and love to all B-boys!!!
Thank you all for your friendship
and the wonderful care of the boys!


18.7.10 Show in Oberwart, A

Micky (Bud Spencer of Daliara) got exc.2 in youthclass!
Thanks to judge Mr. Dusan Paunovic
Congratulation Sigrid!
Big thanks, Franzi! for your great handling!
Micky and Livi
...after the show...time for relaxing...:-)

2 sweeties :-)

17.7.10 Livi´s 2.show

At the show in Szombathely, H,
Livi got also very promising and Best Puppy :-)
Thanks to judge Mrs. Anna Brankovic!
We had a wonderful day!


pics from Mave (Bret Maverick of Daliara)

Mave 11,5 months old

Its naptime! :-)

hahaha...Im a turtle ;-)

big smile!!!

Big thanks for the nice pics!

15.5.2010 "dog-school"

Mave (Bret Maverick) and his brother Schoko (Bob Marley)
are doing great in the "dog-school"!


Livi, 4 months old

...our sweet Livi...

...try to be a vegetarian...

...ohhh, an ant!...maybe better not to be a vegetarian?...

...and the end of the story?...she ate the ant! :-)


CTV-Show 19.6.10, Bad Teinach,D

"Livi" 14 weeks old, got Best Puppy,
thanks to Eli de Luca for great judgement of my new hope


8+9.5.10 Shows in Salzburg

Micky got both days Exc.2 in youth-class,
he is now 9 month old
we are very proud !!!

"Micky" -Bud Spencer of Daliara- the smiling dog!

Micky meets his daddy Errol!

Micky with his "old and new 2-leg mommies" :-)

Thanks to judge Mr. Holtorf, D,
it was a pleasure to work for you in the ring

14.5.10 "2 sweeties!"

Raphaela and Schoko :-)

14.5.10 Happy Birthday !!!

16.4.10 visiting Anne

what girls love: talking, laughing and puppies!
some of Anne´s family and friends... and me :-)
great girls-and dogsmeeting! big thanks to Rita

...and at last...eating in Liechtenstein!
not sure this will be enough for 4 girls :-)

Thanks to Anne and all the others for the wonderful days in your homes!

4.4.10 "5 happy kids" :-)

"Schoko" and his beloved kids